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Clyde Elrod for Congress

Making a Difference

Clyde Elrod is running for Congress in Georgia's 10th District as a democrat. Clyde is not a politician. Clyde is just a hardworking guy that has gotten tired of congress not doing their jobs & lying to the American people. He wants to give power back to the local government. Do you want change? Do you want to support someone who is willing to fight for you? Then donate or volunteer today. Together we can make that change happen!


Local Focus

When I first started campaigning last year i went to talk to county/city managers. To ask them what are the issues they are facing & to see what they want from their Congress person. I found that all of the county/city managers & mayors would like to be at least contacted once in awhile. None of the local politicians were ever notified by the congressman of anything.

This right here gave me a wonderful idea. When a bill comes to a vote in congress I will send it out to local government officials & if I should vote yes or no & why. I also want to send the bill out through out the district separately & ask the people the same question. Whenever I vote, I will release a statement on how & why. That way I can truly represent my district.

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