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The Platform of the People

I believe a key to reducing abortions is offering a federally mandated comprehensive sexual education program in public schools and by drastically expanding access to birth control and family planning services. Abstinence-only education does not prevent teens from having sexual encounters and does not adequately prepare anyone for healthy sexual expression.

There have been times in my life when I have been reliant on guns to put food on the table. I believe we need a new classification system to delineate between weapons useful for survival and weapons intended to kill at a high rate. I believe in the second amendment in it’s entirety.

If elected, I would seek to end the costly and ineffective War on Drugs. Instead of ending or reducing the supply of drugs, this devastating policy has put millions behind bars, incited a deadly drug war in Mexico, and costs the taxpayers of the United States $47 billion every year.

Instead of increasing the profit margins of foreign drug cartels, I believe that we need to do vital work on the demand side of the equation. I would fight for legislation establishing more rehabilitation centers in our communities, funding mental health services, and would seek to end the stigma surrounding addiction. I would also seek the decriminalization of specific substances currently scheduled by the FDA as illicit and would seek to commute the sentences of those incarcerated for non-violent offenses related to these substances.

The GA 10th is home to a diverse offering of agricultural resources. From small family farms to cutting edge research, the impact of agriculture is felt at nearly every level of society. I believe that our natural resources are an important and integral part of our economy. To that end, I want to fight for policies that will insure that the good people of this district and all across Georgia can continue to reap the benefits of this industry for generations to come. I believe that the best way to accomplish this is three-fold: developing a green economy, protecting our state and national parks, and investing in agriculture in a manner that makes sense for farmers and makes sense for our environment.

Our continued national dependence on fossil fuels is not sustainable and pushes us ever closer to point of no return. We are now entering a period of transition from easily accessible oil to more unconventional reservoirs that are much more costly to refine from both an economic and environmental point of view. It makes good economic and environmental sense to begin transitioning to cleaner sources of energy now, including: solar, wind, hydraulic, and nuclear. Every megawatt produced by clean sources of energy saves roughly 14,000 tons of coal per day. Ignoring the environmental cost of dirty energy sources is irresponsible and negligent not only of our own health but the health of future generations. (source:

In addition to insuring a better, cleaner future for ourselves and our children, I believe that protecting lands designated as state and national parks and wildlife refuges. These lands are important reminders of our past as a nation, preserve biological diversity, and create places of recreation and enjoyment. As your representative, I would fight for legislation to protect all of our iconic parks from development by corporate industry. Further, I would seek legislation to insure that money designated for or collected by the National Park Service is used responsibly and for the betterment of the parks. In every year since 2014, I’ve held a national parks pass and a Georgia state park pass. My wife Anna and I love to explore these natural wonders and want to make sure that future generations can enjoy them!

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