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Criminal Justice Reform

  1. Sentencing Reform

Mandatory minimums and racial disparity in sentencing have contributed significantly to mass incarceration in the United States.

Our team supports legislation that returns the power of sentencing to the discretion of judges by ending mandatory minimums for non-violent drug related offenses.

2. War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is completely ineffective, exorbitantly expensive, and has torn apart the lives of individuals, families, and communities. As a result, our team supports legislation that:

  • Decriminalizes cannabis immediately at the federal level and funds research to explore the effect of decriminalizing other Schedule 1 Substances

  • Commutation of sentences for non-violent drug related offenses and full restoration of rights.

  • Offenses include possession, distribution, intent to distribute etc.

  • Fully funds mental health and rehabilitation services in community centers and rural areas.

3.Prison Reform

Prisons that operate on a for-profit basis have one purpose and one purpose only: generating profit for share-holders. All else, including the care, welfare, and rehabilitation of prisoners, is of secondary importance at best. As a result, our team supports legislation that:

  • Establishes mandatory guidelines for EVERY prison, jail, and detention center regardless of which level of government operates. These guidelines will include minimum quality of life standards with incentives to exceed the minimum. (Flesh out guidelines later)

  • Provides for a plan of gradual federalization/nationalization of all for-profit prisons.

  • Ensures funding for adequate staffing and support for corrections officers.

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