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Key Issues

Health Care: Our team supports legislation that would reduce health care costs and improve quality of care for all Americans, introduce basic national databases for charting and immunizations to allow for efficient flow of information, and implement safeguards against excessive pricing.

Environment: Our team supports legislation that would save our planet while saving taxpayer dollars for generations to come. We are also committed to preserving greenspaces for a variety of recreational activities, including: hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.

Education: Our team supports legislation that will better prepare our children for life in an evolving society. We also want to insure that teachers have the resources and support that they need to live out their calling to teach.

Immigration: Our team supports legislation that provides for an efficient system of immigration and comprehensive security at all points of entry into our nation. What is happening at the border under the current administration is a humanitarian crisis and must come to an end.

Drug Policy: Our team supports legislation that ends the costly and ineffective War on Drugs. Instead, we would see that money invested in our communities in the form of rehabilitation services and funding mental health care initiatives.

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