• Clyde Elrod

Health Care part 1 Immunizations

One topic that has a lot of my focus is health care. My wife works as a nurse for Barrow county health department. Along with this many of our friends are nurse or work in the medical field. I also work closely with Emory for their electrical projects with my company. My family was very poor & moved around a lot as well. This is what has shaped my views on health care.

One key issue within health care is vaccinations. Vaccinations need to be required & we need to have a national database. Right now we have a state by state database. If you move once or multiple times, it can take a long time to get your record or it could go missing. This is vital information for the people & doctors.

With a national database it will be easier for a parent, young adult, or the elderly to keep up with their immunizations. The national database can also help doctors recommend when you need a booster shot. Several get their vaccinations as a child but then do not get the required boosters.

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