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Health Care Part 2 Charting

As the title says this is part 2. The topic of charting is key among nurses. Charting is the reason it takes so long to be seen. As of this moment each set of hospitals, health departments & health care facilities use different charting systems.

What this means for patients is that if you move, go to another health department, hospital or clinic they will may not have your information. They will have to call the other location, (if you remember where you went last.) The other medical facility will have to look up your records, print the records & then fax the records. While doing this that facility may have a lot of their own patients & will take awhile to get your records. During this time you will be waiting.

Beyond just waiting for your charts, there is a chance of mistake. With several fail points in transferring charting records mistakes happen.

To avoid these mistakes, to reduce time, & improve our quality of health care we need a national charting database. With this patients could sign into health departments online. Transferring of charting records will be easy, quicker, & with more security. This is also allow for better & longer records.

By having better health care records we can start to see trends within each patient. A doctor can start prescribing better medicine based on years of trends. They can also see what has worked & what hasn't for each patient. The national charting system can be used to continually improve the medical care for everyone.

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