• Clyde Elrod


I was born into a hard working family. My father owned an electrical company & my mother helped him grow it. Since I can remember I was bending, conduit pulling wire & helping my father. I worked all the way through high school. In the morning I would make sure my brother & sister got to school, then in the afternoon I was working on projects for my father. Once I realized I would like to make some real money, I went out on my own. I worked as a subcontractor & with IATSE working on rock shows, events, movies, & TV as a lighting designer/electrician. My first major project was the DNC in 2011. I was the only lead electrician that was not apart of Charlotte's local. After that I skyrocketed from being a regular tech to leading crews. I worked my way up to the top of events in Atlanta. I sometimes worked 80 hours a week. My girlfriend (soon to be wife) gave me 2 choices her or work. With her in mind I went into the office. I worked as a project engineer & estimator. Within 4 years of being hired i went from estimator to project manager to Special operations manager. I now manage several projects at a time & run a department. You may ask how did I do all of this. I had a strong belief to guide me, "if I am not working I can be learning". This is how I grew through the years. Hard work, sacrifice, & a strong belief. I plan to bring this to congress. . I am Clyde Elrod, and I intend to remain Clyde Elrod.

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